Input voltage:85-265V
Color temperature:3000K
Product size:3.74in x 4.72in
LED type:SMD 3030
LED quantity:30
Material:plastic + aluminum
Service life:30,000 hours

Product advantage:

1.The LED PAR30 Bulb is a compact LED spotlight that produces high quality light,saving about 50% 
more energy than traditional halogen light sources.
2.The LED PAR30 Bulb built-in cooling fan,long life,low noise,the maximum extent to reduce the 
light attenuation.
3.The excellent optical design of LED PAR30 Bulb makes the whole lamp light emitting efficiency 
and luminous uniformity.And can be customized according to customer site conditions of 
various lighting effects.
4.The LED PAR30 Bulb is simple in operation,instantaneously lit,without strobe,no noise,no lead, 
mercury and other harmful substances.It is an ideal substitute for traditional halogen lamps. 
5.The LED PAR30 Bulb applies to automobile display,jewelry,star hotels,brand clothing,high-end
clubs,shopping malls,business halls,museums,and other key lighting places.

Lampada Par30 45w Chip Osram 3000k Cor Branco Quen

R$ 120,00 Preço normal
R$ 99,00Preço promocional